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And Now for Something Completely Different

Mittwoch, März 30, 2011

Beim XKCD Blog gibt es eine interessante Aufstellung zu Strahlendosen (-Dosisen?): Radiation Chart

Von engel am 30.03.2011 06:26 • www

well, this is most interesating, particularly sittting in the flyway of the fukoshima plants. only the information given is mostly fabricated. researchers go out to find fault until they find it and then beat the big drum, no reference as to how much, what isotopes, what half life.
they found radiation in kelp in burrard inlet. no one would touch this stuff because of industrial contamination like oil etc. also, how long would it take until the particle is absorbed in the kelp, propably long before the fukoshima incident.
i just could not help, something needed to be said.
by the way kelp is used in sushi.

[1] Von rolf am 30.03.2011 19:55

I find the scale of the doses rather interesting, in particular with all the hysterics going on here. From just a quick news scan, it seems the same in Canada and the U.S. Well, this time around you really are a lot nearer than we are.

I had to look up Burrard Inlet :-) If kelp is the dark leafy stuff around a sushi roll, I like it. Not necessarily from Burrard Inlet, but that’s problably nothing I need to worry about in Munich.

[2] Von engel am 30.03.2011 21:22

sorry, no, you can’t see the kep bed on google earth. they are on the south side just inside of the lions gate bridge. to my knowledge they harvest kelp commercially south off ucluelet.
something more to look at.

[3] Von rolf am 31.03.2011 23:45
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